Wilton Electrics Ltd.

  • Will ensure compliance with environmental legislation and will anticipate and act promptly on any changes to such.
  • Are committed to continual improvement in environmental performance and to preventing pollution and will plan, conduct and monitor its operations using the best practicable means to protect the environment from impairment.
  • Will assess all contracts for their environmental impact, offering advice to clients on less harmful / more energy efficient alternatives where practicable.
  • Will make all employees aware of our environmental policy, while providing suitable training to improve environmental awareness, and allocate clear responsibilities.
  • Will purchase, operate and maintain all it's vehicles in a responsible manner providing the maximum practicable environmental protection.
  • Are committed to a program of recycling and are continually trying to find new methods of recycling/reusing/reclaiming packaging and redundant materials.

Wilton Electrics Ltd. are committed to the protection of the environment, which may be affected by it's activities.

Our environmental 'aspects and impacts' and 'objectives and targets' are set down in the Company Environmental Procedures Manual.

All 'aspects and impacts' are reviewed annually or whenever circumstances change.